Welcome to the CoachBook Consultancy, dedicated to leveraging CoachBooks for social change. Our mission focuses on accessible digital education to support social initiatives, aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 4 for quality education worldwide.

Funding Links

Funder Local Amount Available Description
AlpKit Foundation UK OAA Grants
Awards For All UK £300 - £20k Community Benefits Projects £300 to £20,000
Barclays Community Football Fund UK £500 £500 cash grant for new fund recipients to spend on increasing underrepresented young people’s access to play
Big Lottery UK
Club Matters UK
Club Matters - Company Formations for Clubs UK
County Grants Fund (Cricket) UK £1k to £10k Cricket Only
FA Funded Coach Education Links UK
Football Foundation UK
Football Foundation - Energy Support Fund - Flood Lights UK
Football Pyramid UK
Foyle Foundation UK £2k - £10K
Gift Aid for Sports Clubs UK
GMCA - Sports Club Funding to Prevent Violence UK
Greater Manchester High Sherriff's Police Trust UK
Greater Manchester Moving UK
Greater Manchester Police - Aris - Giving Back Fund UK
Greater Manchester Violence Prevention Sport Fund 2023 – 2025 UK
Green King IPA - Grass Roots Sports Fund UK
Headly Foundation UK Social Change
Howdens Kitchens and England Football UK
JazzApple Foundation UK £500 Community Health Grants
Manchester Airport Community Fund UK
Manchester City Council Funding Links Page UK
Manchester City Council Neighborhood Investment Fund - Upto £10k UK
Manchester Community Central - Funding UK
MCRActive Funding UK
Million Hours Fund  UK
Muckle UK
Muckle - Guide to club structures  UK
OneStop Community Partnership UK Upto £1k
PitchPower Tool UK
Poundland Kits4Kids UK £750 Kits for Kids Opens April 2024
Proper good Funding UK
Sport England Small Grants - Upto £300 to £15k UK
Sported UK
Tesco Stronger Starts Grants UK
VAT for Sports Clubs UK
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